Hi, I'm Philip

A self-taught, full-stack JavaScript developer with a dash of Perl experience.

The Service Place
2008 - 2010
Learnt the ins and outs of electronic repair at component level. I was a sub-contractor and had to run my routes like they were my own business and customers.
2010 - 2012
Maintained Perl-based POS, data warehouse, & payment software. Wrote ETL tool to interface with non-compliant POS systems & wrote company business plan that led to company being acquired.
Crown Automotive
2013 - 2018
My title is Systems Support Technician, but I also maintain the company PHP-based intranet site and have developed multiple tools and automated various IT processes to save money.
Gulfwaters Construction
2013 - 2018
A local construction company. My first project (that I wish I could do over with my new skills).
Turning It Home
2015 - 2018
A DIY & lifestyle blog. I learned a lot about WordPress and creating custom themes.
2016 - 2018
A npm module that decodes VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers)
A technology nut, husband & father of five (not a typo). Not into sports, but hope to one day build a tool to help others like me talk like real men.